Affordable computer vision wood scanner, sorting, grading and cut optimization of sawn timber, gluelam manufacturing process upgrade.

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KnotInspector’s innovative computer vision wood scanner sets new benchmarks in the development of scanner technology. KnotInspector can effectively replace an operator responsible for marking wood before its cutting or at any other occasion where you need to grade a plank or any of its sections. Therefore, human error is easily eliminated.

Installing KnotInspector helps you modernize your production line, replace fluorescent scanning chalks and increase productivity while improving wood quality at minimum costs, so you can say it’s the best and most cost-effective solution for any manufacturer.

Why you need an automatic scanner?

High-quality wood work starts with efficient timber sorting. Sorting, grading, cross-cutting and jointing require accuracy and precision measuring of each and every plank and its features. Only precise board scanning helps you optimize quality at an attractive prime cost.

Most grading is done by experienced factory employees, however, this kind of work is tiring and depends on the skills of a particular operator and thus human factor cannot be avoided. As a result, visual inspection of timber doesn’t allow to process wood with solid quality, even though any wood product manufacturer is faced with significant investments.

Despite all this, automatic scanner systems are not used everywhere, mostly because of the price. Not every manufacturer can afford such an expensive tool, as such investments lead to cost increase of the end product and manual labor remains irreplaceable. So how do you achieve highest quality while keeping the prices low?

KnotInspector is your affordable solution

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KnotInspector replaces the operator. It is installed on existing board defect lines and helps to preserve all mechanical parts of the line while raising the precision, performance and reliability of the cross-cut saw or the sorting line. KnotInspectior’s unique computer vision system easily spots and breaks down all possible wood defects and finds an optimal solution in the terms of price, strength and visual appeal. It is the ultimate balance that will let you boost your line’s productivity.

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