Affordable computer vision wood scanner, sorting, grading and cut optimization of sawn timber, gluelam manufacturing process upgrade.

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The team

Makron Technology – your partner for production machinery. We are Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-quality production lines and technology for the manufacture of log houses and prefabricated homes, along with cellulose insulation and sandwich panels. The company’s success is rooted in extensive experience in the woodworking industry, innovative product development, and close collaboration with its customers.

As a part of Makron Group, the company is capable of acting as a turnkey supplier covering the full scope of customer projects: machine design, machinery manufacturing and production-line automation, project delivery, installation, deployment, and maintenance services.

In 2014, Makron Group enjoyed sales of 20 million euros and the company employed 200 professionals. Makron has manufacturing operations in both Finland and Estonia.

LogHouse software has been developed since 1999 and is widely used at more than 100 factories. LogHouse has a 12-year experience in the field of log house elements production and is ready to share it with you. We introduced our technology at dozens of production lines all over Russia and worldwide, again and again confirming its simplicity, effectiveness, boosting quality of wood manufacture and providing convenient working conditions for its employees.

In 2012 LogHouse solutions have been included in Logmatic Makron Engineering production lines. Optimal cutout LogFactory software is installed right on the machine tool and controls wood cutting in real time.

Our projects on design and manufacturing automation are an investment that is guaranteed to pay off. Any amount of money invested into our solutions helps you save material, raise precision, production speed and rate and improve conditions for your employees.