Affordable computer vision wood scanner, sorting, grading and cut optimization of sawn timber, gluelam manufacturing process upgrade.

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KnotInspector – first affordable wood scanner

Fully-automated KnotInspector is a brand new type of scanner for wood cutting that efficiently recognizes all major wood defects, ensures high quality grading, sorts and cuts wood. It is a highly competitive alternative to whatever leading manufacturers can offer, only at an affordable price.

We aim to automate quality analysis of processed wood products at every factory

As a rule, sorting and lumber sawing are carried out once the wood has been visually inspected, which doesn’t always guarantee high quality of the end product. We have gathered all modern computer vision technologies and combined them with our vast experience in the development of signal analysis algorithm. This resulted in production of a superior, yet an affordable tool. We are ready to supply our clients with KnotInspector scanners using a solid manufacturing base.

Attractive price

A reliable scanner at an attractive price will facilitate quality optimization while keeping the prices low, even for small businesses. The ultimate cost of installing and integrating the scanner into your production line will vary from 50,000 to 70,000 euro depending on your manufacture specifics.

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Easy to operate

KnotInspector scanner carries out a comprehensive visual analysis of wood as it breaks defects into 11 groups. We can to offer you several profiles for your individual production needs, may it be grading, sorting or cutting, and it’s possible to add as many profiles as you need. The scanner records all relevant data, then creates a graphical color image of every plank and shows its possible defects breaking them down by type, size and other features. Every plank image is stored in the archive for easy access by any employee at your production line.

Inexpensive, yet efficient

KnotInspector is an accurate and reliable device at an attractive price. It uses relatively inexpensive cameras while achieving maximum accuracy. KnotInspector is based on a hands free technology and can be set up with extra sensors to improve accuracy or be used without them to cut costs and simplify design.

Updates available

The comprehensive analysis is carried out by specially designed KnotInspector software. It is the core of the system. Each month we create an update with new features which can be easily downloaded by our clients.

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Lightweight and reliable

KnotInspector is a low-maintenance scanner and is simple to use. Frame grabbers can be attached to a steel frame for a more secure mount at the production line as well as to an aluminum frame for maximum mobility. Modern industrial cameras withstand overload and can be mounted even on a car to create a mobile laboratory for more efficient on-the-spot wood grading.

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Vast scope of application

There’re three aspects in using KnotInspector:

  • Evaluating and recording of the wood quality grade. Even the basic version of this unique scanner will grade every board and create a full profile of every wood package.
  • Boards sorting. It is easy to sort wood as soon as it arrives at the production line by connecting KnotInspector to a grading machine. Its comprehensive system will assess every board and control the sorting.
  • Cutting for finger joint. Cutting parallel strand lumber is all about grading every primary board, cutting it with butt trim saw and dividing it in sections for internal and external lamellas while brushing off unworkable segments. In order to cope with this task, KnotInspector is connected straightly to a crosscutter and is complemented with a robot that performs the marking. This process lets the system be put to work within just a few days after its installation.

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KnotInspector is fully able to cope with veneer cutting, plywood production or two-dimensional edged board cutting. Let us know if you’d like your new KnotInspector to be optimized to tackle these and other applications. We are always at your service!

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